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Secrets of the Secret Service?

Lie-berals have stirred up so much anger and dissension that even Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs Secret Service protection, paid for by the government.    Her protection is paid for by us taxpayers  because she works for the President of the United States.

April Ryan, a news reporter, has demanded that the government cover a security guard that she hired for herself.  What?  Ms Ryan is NOT a governmental employee.  She believes, though,  that because the government pays for Ms Sanders’ protection, the government should pay for hers, too!


The idea that, because Ms Ryan covers the White House, she is entitled to having a personal bill paid for by us taxpayers is so absurd that you would think she would be laughed out of the newsroom.  But, no.  I’m sure there is serious discussion by other Lie-berals as to the “discrimination” because Ms Ryan must pay for her own protection.

Maybe Ms Ryan needs protection.  And, if she does, she is wise to hire someone.  But, to imagine for even one moment that you are entitled to it for free is idiocy.

But, Ms. Ryan’s notion does not surprise me because so many reporters have a wildly optimistic estimation of themselves and their importance.  She, obviously, feels she is as important as Ms. Sanders.  That, too, is no surprise as we watch MSNBC, CBS, CNN, and other media outlets act as if they are experts when they are really supposed to be just reporting the news, and not trying to influence us by twisting stories!

Well, let me tell Ms Ryan a SECRET about the SECRET SERVICE.  The Secret Service provides protection for governmental employees, NOT news reporters.    If you want something, maybe you’ll have to pay for it like the rest of us Americans do.  While I’m sure your family loves you, by any other standard, you are just a reporter

And, as such, maybe you should start understanding that, as a private citizen, the government (the rest of us taxpayers) owe you NOTHING!