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The Obama administration must be wondering if it’s safe to let VP Biden out on his own.

Speaking to a black audience, Biden once again showed his ignorance.  His comment: “they’ll put you in chains”  can only be understood as a reference to when blacks were chained and sold into slavery. Forget that this is class warfare and lies coming directly from the Obama campaign.  Worse, Biden’s comments are also absolutely, completely, undeniably racist.

Will the media expose the Vice President for the racist that he is?  Probably not.

Will ANY of the black groups chide the VP for this insulting remark?  Probably not

Why?  Because, in this upside down world,  a gaffe by a liberal is always  forgiven.

So, although any self-respecting person would resent this insulting and patronizing comment by Biden, the media will pretend that it never happened because, in the media’s eyes, liberals never make mistakes.

The media keep repeating that this is the nastiest campaign in years.  It certainly is on the Democrat’s side.

If the media want a clean campaign, maybe they  should muzzle the VP .  Otherwise, Biden should be chained ………to his desk!