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Speaking out

The Lieberals are screaming and hollering about the removal of Brennan’s security clearance.

But, really, did Mr. Brennan have a right to a security clearance?  Why would anyone who is leaving government service expect to retain such a clearance?

Let’s compare his “retirement” from governmental service to what happens when an employee either resigns or is fired from a private company.

First, if you resign, your employer will ask for any keys or other company items that you have been using while EMPLOYED BY THAT COMPANY.

If you are fired, your employer will have you “frog-marched” out the front door without so much as a by-your-leave.  Often, you are not even allowed to gather up your personal belongings!

So, why would Mr. Brennan, who no longer works for the United States’ government,  have any right to maintain a security clearance?  The opportunity to serve our country is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT!  And, it is obvious that Brennan has parlayed his former governmental job into a new “job” of harassing President Trump and there is little to no chance that Mr. Brennan will ever serve Trump or our countryagain  in any capacity.  If Brennan is not serving the country, why does he need a security clearance?

How arrogant of Brennan to assume that he is indispensable and thus, has a right to a security clearance!

Because no logical American would agree that Mr. Brennan has a RIGHT to the clearance, Mr. Brennan has tried to claim that his first amendment right — freedom of speech — is being attacked by removing his security clearance.  Really?  The Lieberal Media has jumped on his petulant response and he is on every network, again lambasting President Trump and claiming he, Brennan, is the victim.  If he is freely speaking publicly,  doesn’t that counter the very basis for Brennan’s complaint?

All Americans value their Freedom of Speech.  Even Mr. Brennan, who has used his freedom of speech in a rabid attack against President Trump, and which speech has caused pain and division in America, has the right to speak.

But, I believe that I also have the right to speak out.  And, in speaking out, I say that our country is well rid of the partisan and uncontrolled rhetoric of Mr. Brennan.  I hope that others, who believe as I do, will also speak out.