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Who hates whom?

Years ago, we were targeted by a man who decided we were bad people.  We weren’t bad according to him because we had stolen money, nor because we were violent.  No, he told everyone he could that we were bad because OUR IDEAS DID NOT MATCH HIS OWN THEORIES!

As a result, he wrote nasty letters to our customers and, did everything he could to hurt us on a personal and financial level.

We were furious.  We wanted to return tit for tat and explain to our neighbors that this man was wrong in so many ways.  But, once the first flush of anger passed, we realized that  we had based our decision on valid facts and we would NOT stoop to his level.  Besides, my husband added,  “Consider the source”.

Unfortunately, this man did great damage to us and our reputation and it has taken more than 20 years to rebuild the trust that we had established between our customers and even our friends and neighbors.   It has been a long journey for us and all because one man believed he had the right to label someone else and to call names!I see the same abusive name-calling from Democrats.  They somehow believe that, if they call Conservatives, or anyone who opposes Obama-scare, enough names (nazi, terrorist,unpatriotic, among others) that the mudwilleventually disguise the failures of Obama-scare.  The latest proof of how puerile and vicious Democrats can be is this quote.

“Your hate for this president is coming before your love of this country,” said Rep. David Scott, D-Ga. “Because if you love this country you would not be closing it down.”


Just because someone disagrees with you about the validity of a theory or even a law does NOT make them hate the President!  Just because the American people are rejecting the concept of Obama-scare more each day as they learn how awful the consequences of this law will be does NOT make them hate the President!  Just because those of us who reject the notion that the government should redistribute wealth and become everyone’s nanny does NOT mean we hate the President.

Democrats, led by President Obama, have been ramping up their name-calling and fear-mongering, in order to justify a law which has no justification.  There are many other approaches that would improve health care in the United States that do NOT require a government take-over of the entire system and punitive retributions from the IRS, all in the name of “helping the American people.”

And, I wish all Democrats would stop throwing out those ridiculous canards all in the name of justifying this insane law.  For example, anyone — gay, black, blue, white, bisexual — can name someone to help them with their health needs.  There is NO reason a gay partner cannot be with his/her partner.  All they need to do is have a signed form authorizing that partner access to the hospital room and records.  There is NO reason insurance companies couldn’t be required to cover pre-existing conditions and kids until they are 26.  There is absolutely NO reason we shouldn’t be able to buy health insurance from another state’s insurance company, IF the law said so.

These are the false claims that Democrats bring up to drum up support for national health care.  NONE OF THEM ARE REASONS FOR OBAMA-SCARE.  EACH ISSUE COULD BE DEALT WITH ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.

So, among other problems with the Democrats’ rhetoric is that they have based their justifications for Obama-scare on false conditions.  Democrats have subdued any opposing voices by frightening the American public into fearing insurance companies and an uncertain future.  The truth is that Democrats seem to lie whenever it suits them.  They misdirect the focus of the taxpayer by lying and calling names.  They bribe their own legislative members, and unions,  and now, large corporations, by creating waivers so that these interest groups do not pay the same price as the rest of us Americans.

Lying, cheating, bribing, and calling names are poor negotiating tools ;  but, Democrats are past caring whether these actions are fair, moral, or just.  All Democrats care about is “winning”.  So, Democrats create divisions among us because “united we stand, divided we fall”.  Democrats create unrealistic expectations to pass legislation by promising their interest groups  that someone else will pay. Democrats, in general, are like a pack of wolves that circle, and destroy as they prowl.

Representative Scott claims that anyone opposing Obama-scare hates the President.  That is the biggest lie of all.  Republicans do not, cannot, and will never agree with the government taking over health care.  However, they reacted the same way when President Clinton tried the same thing.  It is not a question of hating a person, but hating the issue.  Who the President is at the time is irrelevant.   What is relevant is the issue.If someone lied to you, cheated on you, and then, called names, you might say that they hate you.  That is what the Democrats are doing to Americans.

It’s time that Democrats  stop being childish and having public tantrums.  In short, stop calling names and get together with everyone to try to negotiate a compromise that works for the American people!

It’s “put up or shut up” time in Washington, D.C.   And, if you didn’t already understand, you Democrats, stop that name-calling!