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Democrats and scorched earth policies…………….

Obama-scare is a huge failure.

Many of us who have lost our preferred health policy know that.  Many Americans with pre-existing conditions or terminal illnesses who have lost their health insurance know this.  Democrats who voted FOR it…..and who are now AGAINST it……………………know that.

And, because everyone knows that Obama-scare is a nightmare, and the majority of Americans disapprove of it, Democrats are running scared.  They know that they made a mistake by unilaterally ramming this bill through both houses of Congress.  They know, and KNEW,  that the law is unworkable.   And, they know that they might pay a political price in 2014 elections for having passed this monstrosity.

So, what do Democrats do?

First, they refuse to admit that the law should be repealed.

Second, they demonize anyone who makes a rational argument against Obama-scare.

Third, they demogogue those Americans who oppose Obama-scare.  Obama has publicly excoriated FOX news, specific FOX commentators, the Koch brothers, Republican senators and representatives.  Obama has attempted to make opposition to Obama-scare a racist issue by pretending that those who oppose the law are only racists who oppose HIM!  Republicans are called obstructionists because they OPPOSE A POLICY.  To a Democrat, Conservatives MUST be racist whenever they oppose a Liberal idea.

Fourth,  Democrats use any and every public event, and even the Senate floor, to demonize those who oppose Obama-scare.  Harry Reid even rebuked the Koch Brothers, conservatives, on the SENATE FLOOR.  In other words, Harry Reid has no scruples about using the sanctity of the Senate floor to insult and rebuke individual Americans who are using their resources to promote a conservative agenda. Unsurprisingly,  Harry doesn’t quibble when George Soros invests his vast empire to promote Lieberal causes.  But,in Harry’s world,  anyone who is conservatively oriented is apparently not allowed to freely invest their own political capital.–sector.html;_ylt=A0LEV0TAVg9TwicAlLRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZGk2Z2FqBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDA3N18x

It’s obvious that Harry Reid and the Democrats are running away from Obama-scare like scalded cats!

It’s obvious that Democrats have NO legislation to be proud of because nothing they have proposed has helped Americans find employment nor to be safer and happier.

So, expect more diatribes from poor Harry in OUR Senate.  Expect Harry to forget that he should be an elder statesman, bringing legislators together.  Expect Harry to burn, pillage, and defile any and all conservative policies or Conservatives.  Because, the only way out of this horrendous mess for Democrats is to burn the House down.

And, if the earth is scorched, and Americans get burned,  as they march along to 2014 elections, Democrats don’t care.  Why?  Because………………..Winning and staying in power is all that concerns Democrats.

Corner a rat, and he fights back…….

Why is this election becoming so virulently nasty?  Well,  Democrats are boxed in by their votes on Healthcare, the non-stimulus stimulus, the horrendous unemployment, the increasing numbers of home foreclosures, and even their inability to tell the truth on much of anything.

If it weren’t so vital to our future welfare, it might be funny to see how Democrats are scrambling to disassociate  themselves from anything to do with the very legislation they voted to pass!  Few Democrats want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Obama now! Do you notice how Democrats are suddenly “too busy” to appear with Obama when he comes to town?

Unfortunately, the elections are no joke.  And, also unfortunately, rather than argue the issues, Democrats are slinging mud.  After all, if you don’t have the issues on your side, obfuscate, change the subject, and throw mud.  That explains why  the Democrats are fighting back with erroneous ads about their opponents. And the mud slinging is not limited to Congress.   President Obama has called the American electorate “uninformed” and “scared”  to explain the majority of us opposing those invasive and unconstitutional laws he signed.   The irony is that people are “scared” because he, his policies, and his henchmen in Congress have totally destroyed our economy.

There is no way for any Democrat to face his constituents and defend these votes.  So, expect more attack ads by the Democrats.

After all, you know what they say about a cornered rat.  They fight dirty.