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Straight faced, but crooked characters!

Is it possible to stand in front of the American people and lie with a straight face?

Well, if you want to see the answer to that, just watch Senator Reid, Schurmer and Durbin trying to say that they didn’t cheat to close down the vote on the House’s resolution by saying only 59 votes were needed when it has always been 60.

Did they lie when they said that the Republicans haven’t presented any plans?

Of course they did. But, did the media question them on these lies? Oh, no. The media doesn’t want the truth to come out either, so many of them are willing to lie, too.

Why would the media lie to help the Democrats?  Well, the reason is illustrated in one of my favorite books, Don Quijote. It is the story of a blind man and his servant, a young boy, sharing a bowl of grapes. The blind man begins by taking only one grape, but soon, begins taking two or three. The boy, seeing the blind man cheat, begins taking more than his share, too.

Eventually, the blind man tells the boy to stop cheating. The boy is astonished that a blind man could “see” that he was cheating and asks his master how the master knew that the boy was taking more than his fair share.

The blind man’s answer was that, when he, the blind man, began cheating and the boy said nothing, it was certain that the boy, too, was cheating.

This is how politics and the journalists work in cahoots to cheat the American public. When a politician lies or cheats, or improves himself at the expense of the public, the journalist covers for the crooked politician.

The journalist hides the cheating because he hopes to get an inside track or advantage when news breaks.  It’s a shared set of lies and the lies are like a plague in Washington, D.C.

The fiasco in Washington, D.C. illustrates how many Democrats are trying to take more than their fair share of the grapes. No matter how many bills the House sends over, the Democrats are going to lie and say the bill isn’t “right”. And, the press will say nothing.

That’s the Democrats’ favorite method of legislating and it is crooked, even when they say it with a straight face. The truth is that it really doesn’t take a blind man to see the secret partnership of the Democrats and the media!