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This ain’t baseball…….

Which makes President Obama lucky he plays golf not baseball.  Because, in baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out.  Obama has swung at a lot of political balls…and, missed.

Take, for instance, Obama thinking that if he bowed to other world leaders, that submissive move would somehow make China or Russia, or anyone, like him more.  Currently, Putin is snubbing Obama’s every international plan.  Strike 1.

Take, for instance, Obama thinking that he understood economics enough to promise that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8% and our economy humming.  Currently, unemployment is well over 8% and has been for much too long.  The latest GDP prediction is below 2%.  Strike 2.

Take, for instance, Obama thinking he could buffalo the American voter and hide his own ignorance.  Remember the election of 2010 or Governor Scott Walker’s win in Wisconsin?  Strike 3.

Well, actually, these are only some of the strikes against President Obama or his strategies….all of which have failed.  If you considered the fiasco with the executive privilege declaration for Eric Holder,  the foolish attempt to try terrorists in civil court or the debunked idea of closing Guantanamo, and other foolish ideas “pitched” by Obama, you would have to say his presidency is a complete failure.

So, Obama is definitely lucky this ain’t baseball.  Maybe he should stick with golf… least that is something he has played often enough in the last 3 years to have some experience with!