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What is a “fair share” ?

President Obama came into the presidency as an inexperienced, unaccomplished, and unabashed Lieberal.  And, he reached that pinnacle,  not by his own efforts, but through someone else’s efforts.  In fact, most of the benefits he received were the result of affirmative action and the efforts of  many others.

So, it’s no wonder that he is trying to redistribute wealth in America.  After all, it worked for him.  Besides, giving away money, especially when it isn’t yours, must be a lot of fun. I would love to give away millions, if it were someone else’s;  but, unfortunately, when you or I donate, it comes out of our own wallet……..and, it comes out AFTER you pay the income taxes, gasoline taxes, fees, etc., that today’s welfare society requires.   Still, Obama doesn’t worry about that because, you see, unlike you and I, Obama has never had to pay his own way.

Obama has always taken the easy (lazy) way out.  He was a mediocre student in college by his own admission, favoring the Choom Gang.  He was a mediocre senator voting present countless times rather than making a tough call on bills.  And, even in his Presidency, he twists and turns every which way to avoid making any difficult decisions.  Red lines?  Forget them.  Supporting allies (Israel)?  Forget that!  Destroying terrorism?  Forget that.

Because, you see, it is so much easier to pretend that you are being conciliatory to promote peach, goodness, and the American dream than realizing that tough decisions are the result of blood, sweat and tears.

So, it is natural for Obama to lecture us about the rich paying their fair share despite multiple studies proving that the “rich” pay more in taxes, both in a percentage of the total tax burden, and in absolute dollars.

Besides, what is a fair share?  I fear Obama’s view is that “fair share” means whatever is politically needed at a given moment in time.  Forget that Equality in opportunity, NOT results, is what the Constitution promises.

His idea of fair share seems to be an America where he grabs all your income and redistributes it to his buddies.  Never mind that you worked for it, built it, and earned it.  HE WANTS IT ALL!

I ask you.  Is THAT fair?