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Walk like a man…..

The other night, my husband and I enjoyed The Jersey Boys broadway show.  We’ve seen it before and we’ve enjoyed it before.  My favorite song from the show is “Walk like a Man”.

And, I was not the only one singing along with the group.  Since many of the crowd were my age, and Fanki Valli was very popular with my generation, that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But, as my husband and I were reminiscing about the show, it occurred to me that the song represents more than just a song from days gone by.  Walk like a Man is what every man should be free to do and every boy should aspire to be.  To walk like a man is to be strong, upright, protective of the weak, and willing to stand up for certain principles.

Unfortunately, the Lie-berals have decided that those qualities of Manhood are a hostile concept.  According to them, being strong, like a man, is no longer what little boys should strive for.   In Lie-berals’ world, war, pestilence, and every bad thing in the world today can be attributed to “Man”.  Their claim is that women should rule the world because they are “better” and would create a kinder, gentler world.

But, is that true?  Is there no redeeming value in Manhood? I think there is.

Strong men have protected the world throughout history.  In a hostile world, sheer physical strength was the only protection for the weak.  And, whether the Feminists accept the idea or not, generally speaking, an average man is stronger than an average woman.  Whether every man is a good and true person is not the point.  What is significant is that men have ruled the world because strength was the only way to survive.

So, men have been, and always will be essential to a strong society.  And, their strength is not their only good quality.

Of course, I might be biased because the men I have known are good people, just like many of the women I have known.  Our daughter and sons are all vital to our family’s well-being and assets to society in many ways.  It would be wrong to decide that our sons are of less value than our daughter simply because they are men.  They, like my husband, are good, strong, thoughtful men who stand up for their convictions.

I think that is why I like President Trump.  He is not some mealy-mouthed politician who talks out of both sides of his mouth.   He says what he thinks…clearly, and without ambiguity. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.  In effect, he “Walks like a Man”.

And,that is what will make America great again.