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Genetic diversity and Intelligence

Ever since Jimmy the Greek lost his popularity because he claimed that Blacks had a physical advantage due to a quirk in their genetic makeup, it has been difficult to talk about genetic diversity among the races. The subject has always been rejected as “racism” even when some facts, like sickle cell anemia, being a “black” problem, are indisputably related to race.

However, Michael Barone¬† writes about a genetic study that “proves” there IS a difference in intelligence between the races.¬† But, as if to excuse the temerity in agreeing with the gist of the study, Mr. Barone offsets the idea that Asians, as a group, might be more intelligent than Caucasians and whites more intelligent than Blacks with the fact that an individual of any race could be smarter than an individual of another race. Of course, that is true. However, as proof of that, he offers how smart former President Obama is. The correlation is that a black man, Obama, is very smart so the genetic study is NOT trying to condemn all blacks as less intelligent. But, why use Obama as an example of a smart black man? Where is the proof of that?

It is obvious why the media and Libs would promote that theory as one of the “many” reasons Obama was elected. However, according to Obama himself, he was a mediocre student. I’ve read several articles that claim he was not only a mediocre student, but a lackluster assistant professor and then, an even more ordinary Senator. Despite this, we are told that Obama was “smart”. Where is the proof that he was/is smart? He, and his university, refuse to release his grades which might prove how intelligent he was.

So, maybe Obama is super smart. Maybe he is not. My complaint is that the media continue to promote him as a very smart guy when there is little factual basis for that claim.

There are any number of black people who better deserve the accolade of being very smart. Better examples of blacks who are smart might have included Justice Clarence Thomas or Condaleeza Rice or Charles Payne or Dr. Carson. But, other than having had the luck to be the right black man at a given time in history does NOT make Obama a smart man. It makes him lucky, but not smart. And, by using him as an example, it seems to do an injustice to those blacks who are, indeed, very smart. And, who by the way, earned their titles through their own effort and brain power….and did not rely upon the luck of their draw.