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Face it, Hillary!

Hillary seems to be absent from all the latest controversies in the world today.  Usually, the Clintons, like Al Sharpton, are “johnny on the spot” whenever a political advantage can be found in a situation.

Not so lately.

So, where is she?

Is she busy building a Presidential team for 2016?

Is she busy on yet another speaking tour to raise millions for herself?

Is she busy helping the down-trodden through charitable donations of her millions?


She is out of sight because she is improving her “sight”.  That is, the most logical explanation of her absence from the national scene is that she is “exposing” herself to many plastic surgeons in an effort to remove the signs of her advanced age.  She is determined to remove her wrinkles, her saggy, baggy middle, and to appear as youthful enough be President.

In politics, your face is your fortune and, for Hillary,  her current one is too OLD!

But, Hillary wants to be President and, a face lift, tummy tuck, and new hair do are minor impediments to that end.

The problem for us is that she also is willing to change her political stances if it helps her desperate search for the White House.

Unless Hillary does a “face off”, we will never know the real Hillary and, as someone who twists in the political winds, she can never be trusted.

Face it!