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What is a Stein?

Well, Jill Stein is like a stein of day old beer…..flat —  with no head…… head for the obvious, that is.


Although the election results have been certified, she is challenging the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Although even “her” hacker experts say there is no reason to believe that hackers interfered in the voting process,  she is challenging the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Although the CERTIFIED election results do not show a big enough  difference between Mr. Trump and Ms Clinton to trigger an automatic recount, Ms Stein is challenging the results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Ms Stein claims that she will raise enough money to pay for these recounts.  Ms. Clinton has joined in that effort because “she wants to ensure the results are fair to everyone!”  Ha ha  For Hillary to pretend that she is joining  the recount process to ensure fairness is as mendacious as when Bill claimed he never had “sex with that woman”.  However, to demand a frivolous recount of  a result that every honest American has already accepted, Ms Stein is determined to undermine Mr. Trump’s transition to the Presidency which she, of course, hopes will mean his Presidency starts off badly.

So, what does Ms Stein get out of fomenting even more controversy in our election process?

1….She gets the national spotlight which she really never had.

2…She gets to pretend she is apolitical and ONLY demanding a recount for the American people.

3…She gets to haul in big bucks from people who are desperate to overturn the election results, i.e., Hillary’s holligans!

And, what do the American people get out of Ms Stein’s arrogant insistence of a recount?

1…We get more of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC  trying to misdirect the American voters.    These networks have continuously contrived, contorted, and misconstrued everything that Mr. Trump said, did, or even might have thought of doing and have insulted Trump voters over and over.    Ms. Stein is just giving the media another chance to demonize Trump voters.

2…Instead of being able to enjoy the holidays, we will be forced to listen to more breathless reporters spewing out their meaningless accounts of this or that, rather than an honest accounting of issues that matter.  For example, it would be instructive to hear how Mr. Trump is progressing on his making America Great again program.

3…And, even though Ms Stein says she will pay for the recount, this ties up countless state workers who could, and should, be engaged in state business and not a recount that is unlikely to change anything, except increasing the polarization between Trump voters and those who preferred Jill Stein to Hillary!

Even though beer is a popular beverage, especially in Wisconsin, I have never liked the taste of beer. And, I certainly have a bad taste in my mouth from listening to Jill Stein pretend to be interested in what is good for Americans.

I say she, and Hillary, should accept the results of the election and stop trying to “tap” into the angst among those Lieberals who have yet to accept that Mr. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.