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FORD — Fix or Repair Daily

That used to be the derogatory acronym for Ford trucks!  Whether it is true or not, it stuck.

Listening to Dr. Ford’s interview before the Senate Judiciary committe, I am reminded of this acronym because it seems to me that Dr. Ford and the Democrats are using the technique of Fix or Repair Daily to massage her story because they have NO facts.

No one argues that any kind of abuse, whether sexual, verbal, or physical, is traumatic.

However, using the horrific experiences of a group — ie., ALL SEXUAL ABUSE VICTIMS — as PROOF that Dr. Ford is telling the truth is a specious argument.  Just because others have suffered does not corroborate ALL stories of abuse.

Therefore, though the Democrats are doing their level best to make Dr. Ford’s story believable, they have offered NO FACT.

And, the facts that do exist — others named as being there have denied her  version of events — her lack of knowing  any details, like the date, the time — do NOT corroborate her story.

So, in a he said/she said story, there is a presumption of innocence for the accused.  The Democrats have already decided that the accuser is telling the truth and the accused is lying.

This is not how it works.  At this point, Democrats need to work on their own stories……that is,  Fix or Repair Daily.