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Welcome, Justice Kavanaugh


The Republicans stood against a raging, deceitful, Democrat onslaught.

Though assaulted from all side by vicious, unproven lies, Justice Kavanaugh maintained his innocence.

And, the Innocent until Proven Guilty, Constitutional right for ALL Americans, including men, was upheld.

Congratulation to President Trump,  Justice Kavanaugh, Senator Grassley, Senator McConnell,  Senator Collins, Senator Graham………….and all the Judiciary Committee who refused to cave when a devious hit team, supported by the Democrats,  took advantage of a troubled and confused woman, Dr. Ford……..all with the express purpose of destroying an honest and good man.  And, their attacks were fomented only because that man had a different view of the Constitution, and the role of the Judiciary, than they did.

So, welcome Justice Kavanaugh.  You, and your approach to the Constitution and the role of the Judiciary will be a welcome addition to our world.