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Burn, Baby, Burn…..

Or, maybe it should read:  “Burn, Koran, Burn.”

I can understand Petreaus’ concern for our soldiers; and, if more trouble ensues because  this Floridian church  burns the Koran, it will be tragic.  However, burning a Koran should NOT be an excuse to kill Americans or American soldiers.  After all, the Christian Bible has been abused for centuries by non-believers and only a few, hardy souls complained.  Yet, everyone seems to believe that it is somehow understandable that terrorists  kill Americans if  Islam is insulted.  In fact,  the Black Panthers even threatened the minister who is determined to burn the Koran.

People who should know better,  like Hillary Clinton,  are condemning the Koran burning.  But, who condemned the violent mobs who stomped on our flag in reaction to the proposed burning of the Koran?  These are the same blind mobs who react to any insult to Islam but refuse to give the same respect to Christians or other religions.   Why is religious freedom no longer the right of EVERY citizen, not just the Islamist?

It’s difficult for me to understand the mind set that condones violence in support of ANY religion.  But, the Lieberal outrage on behalf of the Koran is certainly showing where their loyalties lie.  And, it’s not with God, Country,and the American Way of Life!