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The Few, the Chosen, The Cheaters……..

Everyone remember part of this motto of the Marines– you know, the Few, the Chosen part?   Marines ARE honorable, brave men and women, who protect us and the Constitution every day that they serve.

However, the bunch I’m referring to are the sycophants of Obama who, by their wheeling and dealing, are exempted from Obama-scare.  Most of these few, chosen CHEATERS have donated money to Obama’s political career or promoted Obama.  Exempting your buddies from Obama-scare is a form of nepotism and should be stopped and reversed.  Obama-scare scares me plenty.  Most Americans did not want it.  Most Americans understand it will cost us jobs when businesses incur the added expense of this unwanted mandate.  Most Americans will pay the price for Obama’s minions who are exempted.

To quote the Washington Post:

Last year, we learned that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had granted 111 waivers to protect a lucky few from the onerous regulations of the new national health care overhaul. That number quickly and quietly climbed to 222, and last week we learned that the number of Obamacare privileged escapes has skyrocketed to 733.

Among the fortunate is a who’s who list of unions, businesses and even several cities and four states (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee) but none of the friends of Barack feature as prominently as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

How can you get your own free pass from Obamacare? Maybe you can just donate $27 million to President Obama‘s campaign efforts. That’s what Andy Stern did as president of SEIU in 2008. He has been the most frequent guest at Mr. Obama‘s White House.

Backroom deals have become par for the course for proponents of Obamacare. Senators were greased with special favors, like Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson and his Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary L. Landrieu and her Louisiana Purchase. Even the American Medical Association was brought in line under threat of losing its exclusive and lucrative medical coding contracts with the government.

Not only are the payoffs an affront to our democracy and an outright assault on our taxpayers, the timing itself of the latest release makes a mockery of this administration’s transparency promises. More than 500 of the 733 waivers, we now know, were granted in December but kept conveniently under wraps until the day after the president’s State of the Union address. HHS is no stranger to covering up bad news; in fact, this is becoming a disturbing pattern. Last year, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hid from Congress until after the Obamacare vote a damning report from the Medicare and Medicaid Office of the Actuary showing Obamacare would cost $311 billion more than promised and would displace 14 million Americans from their current insurance.

For this administration, transparency promises last only until the teleprompter is unplugged.