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Sticks and stones…..and name calling

The debacle in Washington, D.C., which resulted in a “closing”  of our government was perhaps not the biggest deception pulled on the American public, but it certainly ranked up there.

President Obama obviously needed something to obscure the scandals that were in the daily news.  Benghazi?  Not his fault.  IRS illegally punishing Conservative groups by intrusive investigation?  Not his fault.  Obama-scare becoming an albatross around the necks of the American public?  Not his fault.  Our faltering economy?  Not his fault.  Unending unemployment at record numbers?  Not his fault.  CIA spying on ALL Americans?  Not his fault. The sky high National Debt?  Not his fault.  The worsening prospects for Americans, especially Blacks, and children?  Not his fault.

Nothing is ever Obama’s fault, but with the almost daily revelations of new scandals, Obama needed a scapegoat to obscure the need for  investigation into these scandals.  So, he created a scandal and blamed the Republicans.  The government was NOT closed.  Only parts of it were and those parts, like the open air memorials or the roads near Mt. Rushmore did not have to be closed.  In fact, closing these cost more than allowing our war veterans and heroes to visit the sites.

But,  the Republicans foolishly feel into his web and, once again, took the blame for a government “shut down”.  It was all too easy for Obama, thanks to a media that always provides a curtain behind which Obama can hide.  So, just like during his all his campaigns, Obama, and his Democrats, fell back on mud-slinging and name-calling in order to tar and feather Republicans!  It worked for Democrats many times before, and it worked again!

It’s humiliating to have a President who can’t control his own Administration and uses any method to get his way.  He claims he is a great uniter.  Unfortunately, his vitriolic name-calling has divided our nation as nothing and no one ever has before.  I hope future generations will blame him, as he should be blamed, for all the problems that come out of his time as our President.

He seems to be a childish man, full of accusatory gestures and refusing to accept that anyone else might have worthy ideas or ideals.  He is a first rate bully, though.  He thrives on controversy and name calling, branding the opposition as evil.

Children are taught to sing  ” Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

But, in today’s world, we know that words DO HURT.  Bullying is a child’s nightmare, but it occurs every day and everywhere.  We try to teach our children NOT to bully or call names.    But, how do you explain a President and the Democrats who bully those who disagree with them with nasty names, by pouting, and by throwing  a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way?

Unfortunately,  our President betrays himself, our country, and his own party, by bullying  Republicans, Tea Party groups, and anything remotely Conservative, with disparaging names.  He uses  governmental agencies to break opposition to his personal ideology.  In short, he lies, cheats, and steals.  He lies about the motives of the opposition.  He lies about legislation he wants.  He cheats by not admitting errors to the American people.  And, he steals from our children and grandchildren by spending money we don’t have.

It’s a sad day for America.  We expect sticks and stones from our enemies……..and, maybe even names.  But, from our own President?  We expect better of him.

So, President Obama seems to have gotten his way yet again by resorting  to name-calling instead of leadership.  Inevitably, though, Obama-scare will become a millstone on the backs of our children.  Will they begin to throw sticks and stones then?  Maybe not.   But, I bet they WILL START CALLING NAMES.  And, the first “dirty” name on their list will be President Obama!