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What’s in YOUR wallet?

That’s what one ad asked long ago.

Nowadays, with President Obama and the Democrats demanding more and more of everyone’s income, the answer is:  “NOT MUCH!”

Unfortunately, that “NOT MUCH” extends beyond your wallet.

That “NOT MUCH” is an extension of Obama’s belief that, if you are successful in your business, you didn’t do that yourself.  Nope.  Society did that for you.

“NOT MUCH” even covers your own children.  Remember when Hilary Clinton infamously proclaimed years ago that “It takes a Village to raise a child?.  And, now, we have a tv anchor proclaiming that our children do not belong to us.  So, your children don’t belong to you either.

What do you own?

What about your pension?  Nope.  Not if Obama gets his way.  He says that no one needs more than $2,000,000 in their pension fund.  The question is, how does Obama know how long you will live and how much you will need to support yourself until you die?  But, never fear,  if Obama keeps raising taxes in order to create a larger welfare state, you won’t have to worry about how large your pension is.  You won’t even have one.

And, if you dare to complain about the billowing tax bills, like Phil Michelson, you are forced to apologize for being honest about the unfair taxation rates for successful people!

What about your gun?  Well, only if the government determines that the gun is a certain size, that the ammunition is small in quantity, and that you are mentally healthy.  In New York, police are confiscating guns from people who take anti-depressants.  We all want to know how the police found out who is taking what because the Hippa laws prohibit any doctor or health professional from revealing your personal health status.

Nor does the restriction on legally owning a gun prevent your health suffering from violence.  If someone wants to kill you and has no gun, well, then, maybe a knife will do.  If there is no knife, a rope or nearby pond will do.  And, if all else fails, there is always a rock, heavy vase, fireplace andiron, or tree branch that can do you in.  Guns are not the only violent method around and their demise will not keep us all safe.

But, suppose you’re lucky enough to be “approved” to have a gun.  Then, the powers-that-be might demand to know what  kind of toilet do you have?  It better not use more than 1.6 gallons because some “genius” decided that the environment would be damaged if toilets used more water!

It’s frightening to realize how many of our liberties, guaranteed by the Constitution, are going right down the toilet.  You want an incandescent light bulb?  Shame on you!  Only fluorescents are acceptable in this world.  You want to have a conservative guest speaker for graduation?  Forget it.  Lieberals will protest until you give up that politically incorrect idea.  And, if you actually convince a conservative, like Karl Rove, to speak to your organization, the Lieberals will try to outshout your guest.

Those Lieberals don’t care about YOUR freedom of speech.  They only want to drown out anyone who argues with their leftist agenda.  And, if you protest about your loss of civil rights, you are called a racist, a “far right”, and other unmentionable names that only the Lieberals are comfortable using in public.

Maybe asking “What’s in your wallet?” is a good question to ask so long as you could say  “MY MONEY!”   When asked “Whose children are these?”  The answer is “MINE!”.   When asked “Whose Gun is this?”, the answer should be “Mine”.

And, when Obama and his self-serving minions try to put their hand in YOUR WALLET, tell them to go get a real job and leave your wallet, home, gun, and country alone!