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If  President Obama’s speeches were translated into everyday, layman’s terms, everyone might have a better chance of understanding his true meaning.  So,  here are the translations of his comments:

1…Comment:  The tragedy at Benghazi, where 4 Americans — including our ambassador — were murdered , was the result of a video!

Translation:  There’s an election coming up, and I’ve claimed that the “war” with terrorism is over, so I have to blame someone.  I know.  I’ll blame a video!

2…Comment:  The tragedy at Benghazi, where 4 Americans — including our ambassador — were murdered, was the result of terrorism!

Translation:  Okay.  Catherine Herridge of FOX news caught us in a lie.  Let’s see.  I know.  I’ll pretend I said it was terrorism all along and blame  “them”.

3…Comment:  The middle class will never pay one cent more in taxes to fund Obamacare.

Translation:  I’ll hide all the costs by increasing taxes in ways they won’t notice.  A few dollars out of their paychecks….higher rates on dividends — hell, they’ll never notice that their pensions are losing value.

4…Comment:  I’ll have the most transparent administration in the history of this country.

Translation:  First, I’ll hire people with loose values like Geithner who didn’t pay his taxes….and, hey, I’ll have a VP who was known to plagarize (and, besides he is so dumb, he’ll do or say anything)………and, how about an Attorney General who hates whites and won’t prosecute voter repression if it’s committed against whites.    And, if that doesn’t work, I’ll blame Republicans for scandal-mongering.

5…Comment:  Unemployment will never rise above 8% if you pass this stimulus.

Translation:  Heck.  I don’t care what this stimulus does so long as it looks like I’m doing something about the economy!    Who cares if blacks, college graduates, and the middle class suffer.  They’re so gullible that they’ll vote for me anyway.

6…Comment:  I will always respect the Constitution of the United States.

Translation:  But, if anyone gets in MY way, to heck with that old piece of paper.  Catholic Church?  You’ll pay for abortions.  Banks?  Hell, you’re all scoundrels and deserve to pay for endless regulatory costs.  Wall Street?  So, you supported me in the first place?  To the devil with you.  Conservatives?  It’s all YOUR fault!

7…Comment:  I will always respect the Constitution of the United States.

Translation:  Unless it gets in my way.  Then, I’ll “go around Congress” if they don’t go along with my plans.  Remember that stupid Second Amendment about the right to bear arms?  Forget it.  Get rid of  people lawfully owning guns.  And, if anyone, like FOX news, or that jerk Limbaugh, criticize me and claim their Freedom of Speech rights, I’ll demonize them and insult them because the mainstream media are so dumb that they’ll support my viewpoint, no matter how stupid it is!

8….Comment:  Blame Bush, Blame Republicans, Blame Bush, Blame Conservatives, but, above all…..blame Bush!

Translation:  Blame Bush!