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The Media Conspiracy

From conspiring to ask Governor Romney a specific question to touting biased polls, the media is determined to create the impression that Governor Romney can NOT win the Presidency!  And, now, Politico has decided to create the fiction that Romney’s campaign is in shambles.

Using the old gimmick of “unnamed sources”  , ala Senator Harry Reid, Politico  ( )  has generated a story of purported  problems for Romney. For one, it is most unlikely that anyone in Romney’s camp would give Mr. Mallen information damaging to Governor Romney.  Secondly, there are more important issues that should be pursued and, if Mallen were the journalist he pretends to be, he would be chasing these stories.

How about the diplomats murdered in Libya?  How about the administration attempting to claim a video ignited the riots?  How about the Libyan president saying that the attacks were premeditated?  What about the UN ambassador Rice trying to carry the administration’s story, despite the obvious holes in it?

What about record unemployment and the administration’s inability to fix it?  What about the record number of people on food stamps?  What about the manipulation of the economy by Bernanke?

THESE are the stories any real journalist would be interested in…..NOT a pathetic attempt to create discord in the Republican camp.