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Prohibition and Obama-scare

Pundits are predicting that Obama-scare can never be repealed.  They compare it to Medicare and Social Security because they are all programs that supposedly help Americans make good, healthy decisions.   The government is, in effect, telling all of us that we are NOT capable of making good decisions on our own.  The politicians believe that they  know more and can craft a better health system.

Unfortunately, just like the War on Poverty, most social engineering agendas do NOT work.  If they did, Germany would rule the world with Europe, Russia and China  as the supporting cast.

No, people who compare Obama-scare to Medicare or Social Security are wrong!  Obama-scare is the country cousin to Prohibition because prohibition was another social experiment meant to make all of us “better”  and “healthier” citizens.   And, the result of Prohibition was the growth in menacing bootleggers which created the mobs which frightened even the police of that era.   Violent crime flourished as the mobs gained control of the illegal booze industry.

Obama-scare will result in many of the same problems as Prohibition.    Anytime people want something, especially if it is free, there will be people who find ways to cheat in order to get that item. Crime will increase as people realize they can scam the system.  There will be illegal claims.  Illegal aliens will pretend to be Americans to gain free medical care.  There will be underworld mobs who help people cheat on the system.  We can expect a new criminal class to quickly establish itself, along with the violence needed to protect these illegal activities.

That’s what Prohibition should have taught us.

Regrettably, politicians are always eager to establish new taxing systems to give themselves more control over the voting public.  Their mantra is to take from everyone and give back to those who are most likely to vote them back into office.  Until people learn that nothing is ever free, even if someone else pays for it, politicians will keep stealing from the general public and “giving back” to their own gang.

But, maybe, after this behemoth Obama-scare program begins to cave from its own weight,  the American public will realize that we MUST get rid of it.

And, the lesson from Prohibition is that we CAN repeal any law we want.  So, let’s repeal Obama-scare before we lose any more trillions to another useless government bureaucracy!

I’ll drink to that!  Will you?