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Obama — NO respecter of Life

Today, President Obama claimed that he wanted to protect children.

“This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe,” Obama said.

Someone should ask him why he would protect THESE children;  YET, he has instituted mass murder of unborn babies through his Obamascare and mandated that OUR tax dollars be spent to scrape these poor innocents out of the womb.  For these poor souls, there is no escape from a violent death!

Obama has always given a good speech.  It is a crying shame that he has no morals and that he is oblivious to  the moral standard, recognized by every civilized society,  that murder is a crime.  And, despite what those who claim otherwise keep saying, abortion is a crime because someone, the unprotected baby,  dies through the use of violent measures.

How can he claim to want to protect these children and yet forget that unborn babies are children, too, and are even more in need of protection?

Don’t let fancy words nor  a carefully designed setting with beautiful children fool you.  Obama is NO RESPECTER OF LIFE!