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Oh, God!

Or, maybe we’ll have to learn to say,  “Oh, Science!”   because  Stephen Hawking says he has finally, and unequivocally, determined that THERE IS NO GOD!

It must be true because we all know that Mr. Hawking is a genius, without peer. And, when Mr. Hawking says that everything “out there” can be explained by science, we are supposed to listen!

So, no more “In God we Trust”…….because, there isn’t one.

No more gazing at the sky, admiring God’s creative genius.  No more “Our Father” prayers when we need comfort.  No more  Christmas joy, presents, trees, or festivities because………….there isn’t a God to send his Son to earth to save us.  No Easter because there couldn’t have been a Resurrection.  No Thanksgiving because Science must have been the philanthropist to provide for the Pilgrims….NOT a giving Father.

I’m not sure I’ll like this new world order.  It’s going to be a tough slog without having God to rely upon.  I mean, when someone I know is sick, to whom do I pray for help or consolation?  When a child is afraid of the night, can we console him with Science?  Who is going to be the source of our Love, Joy, and Hope?  Will we still try to be “better” people  so as to serve a Higher Being and Purpose?

It’s all very puzzling.  And, as my Dad would say, it might even be true. But, I, an ordinary woman, think Mr. Hawking might have made a mistake.

So, until Science can explain all the mysteries of the universe and then, how the universe came to be out of nothing, I think I’ll stick with my God.  Mr. Hawking might be a genius, but, he is  NOT a god .

After all,  before he makes these universal and consequential judgements about whether God exists, maybe….just maybe……he should wait a bit.  And, when his turn comes to shed his mortal body, see who — God or Science — is waiting to welcome him into heaven!