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Obama and his “band” of fakers!

Obama is the greatest faker in the history of the United States.   Despite claims in his own book that he was born in Kenya, and without a credible birth certificate, he now  claims to be a naturally born American.    Without any  work or administrative experience, he maneuvered himself into the Presidency not once, but twice!  Without any achievements, he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Without any evidence of experience, intelligence, or credentials, he convinced the media to cavil at his feet and to continually frame his administration in the kindest words possible.

Using the most criminally oriented advisers in the history of the United States, he has set the country on the course to an Entitlement Society.

He portrays himself as a a President who unites, yet, by his every word and deed, he is a divider.

He fakes emotion.  He fakes intelligence.  He fakes concern.  In short, he is the ultimate faker.

Is it any surprise that Beyonce,  the singer  at Obama’s inauguration,  would also fake singing the National Anthem?