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Biden, the plagiarist, and his best buddy, President Obama……

A.  So, Vice President Biden is now giving advice to the Republican party about how to handle the current fiscal crisis.  Not surprisingly, he wants the Republicans to acquiesce to the Democrats’ plan AND, he wants to hector Senator Cruz.  NOT a surprise!

B.   What might surprise the public is learning that Biden is a known plagiarist — so, does his advice, especially in written form, have any value?  Unlikely.

During his first year there, he was accused of having plagiarized 5 of 15 pages of a law review article. Biden said it was inadvertent due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation, and he was permitted to retake the course after receiving an ‘F’ grade, which was subsequently dropped from his record.[25] He received his Juris Doctor in 1968,[26] graduating 76th of 85 in his class.[24] He was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 1969.[26]

He was NOT a particularly good student, preferring to lolly-gag, rather than sticking to either academics or sports.  So, is what he thinks a scholarly analysis of the situation?  Unlikely.

Biden attended the University of Delaware in Newark, where he was more interested in sports and socializing than in studying….

But, he must have done something to earn the right to be a Senator, and then the Vice President.  Unlikely and, in fact, untrue.

Biden received five student draft deferments during this period, with the first coming in late 1963 and the last in early 1968, at the peak of the Vietnam War.[27] 

C.   Gee.  Biden was a poor student who plagiarized and then, “fought off” his opportunity to serve in the Military.

So, there are the ABCs for  Vice President Biden.  And, here’s another.  He gets an “F” for flubbing all those speeches he gave with false information and just plain stupid comments.  Is there any good news?  Well, with his dubious past, and lack of any credentials to understand the consequences of Obama-scare, Biden has the same, basic resume as our current President!  Best buddies and neither one with a clue how to run our wonderful country!