Democrats and the Smear routine–again!

Despite the campaign finishing last year, Democratic operatives are busy creating a new “seek and destroy” initiative, this time for conservative talk radio and tv commentators.  Their attacks against Limbaugh are juvenile at best, and, at worst, a serious infringement of the right to free speech.  If a radio commentator must “meet” standards, set up by the Obama administration, then that commentator, and we, lose our right of free speech.

Losing another freedom  does not seem to bother Democrats at all!  And, ad hominem attacks are always the form that Democrats prefer.  They seldom discuss issues, but label a person and then attack the person.  This is politics at its lowest, but typical Democrat in its form, message, and timing.

Isn’t it time for even the Democrats to at least pretend to work with all voters, including conservatives?  Not only was that one of President Obama’s pledges, but unity of purpose will also promote the public welfare. It’s time for President Obama to understand that people like Begala, Carville, and his other minions will not help either him or the country in the long run.  It’s time to stand those characters outside the door and let honest men and women run this country!

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