Dishwashers do not use gas

Most of them don’t anyway.

Still, the “experts” in government have decided to regulate how much energy and water dishwashers use…..all to IMPROVE OUR LIVES! Forget that we might want to decide for ourselves what is best for us………and, our speech………..and, our country!

Climate Change is the foundation for elites’ demand to control everything. It’s their buzz word for “let’s take over everything in America”. They don’t understand that China, India and developing nations, account for most of the pollution. They also don’t understand that “climate” always changes. We’ve had multiple glaciations, melting periods, and more glaciations. And, certainly, man-made pollution had nothing to do with those glaciations, also know as climate changes!

Still, it’s enticing for them to gain power by controlling what Americans can say, do, or have because “they” are afraid of climate change.

I think this control, aka power of the elites, began when they regulated how much water a toilet can use. That success encouraged them to decide how much water a washing machine can use. Californians wanted to forbid Wisconsinites from driving SUVs and trucks even though these vehicles are needed to power through our Wisconsin winters. New York just went after gas utilities in new buildings through legislation. If you believe the media — and who does? — next up is our dishwashers!

What? A dishwasher is supposed to use less water and energy than hand washing dishes. So, why go after them?

Because they can! Who will stop them?

The elites are after control and domination because: “we know best what you can say, do, think, or have”. These are earmarks of this generation of Libs. They think they know it all. They forget that American greatness arose from Americans being free to try new adventures, from a market place that rewarded industriousness, and, a country where we ordinary Americans could decide for ourselves what was best for us and our families.

Unfortunately, with our elected politicians too willing to sway with the winds of the day, the meaning of Democracy has eroded to the point where a person has to monitor everything they say or do. Otherwise, face the brunt of the collective Word Police. And, so much of it is ridiculous. Hate Crime? Is there any other kind? Hate speech? Who gets to decide what is hate speech? The minority? Or, those “brilliant” college kids who are at the stage of Life where they believe they know everything and have the right to make US believe it, too. They believe that because their college professors and the media keep telling them that.

But, Life is the best teacher. And, they might find that society doesn’t always conform to their standards. At least, I hope so.

So, hands off my dishwasher. And, while you’re at it, don’t tell me what to think, do or say. Don’t think you have the right to regulate all aspects of my life. Don’t force me to adhere to your philosophies. After all, your ideas, comments, and demands offend me………..and, if we follow the Libs’ playbook, no one should be allowed to offend me!

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