Politics is not limited to Washington or the national scene.  Politics, after all, is the attempt to get something for yourself or those who support you whether it is the best choice or not.  And, right now, petty politics is rife in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Everyone knows that the Packers are being foolish in not welcoming back the best player that the Packers organization has probably ever known.  We all want to know why?  Why are the Packers spending so much time, money and effort to keep the best player OFF the team?

It can’t be because they question whether he can play because it was only a few months ago that Favre played at a championship level.  And, seeing Favre coaching kids in his hometown shows him to be buff and ready to go.

It can’t be based on the expense because Mr. Murphy just flew down in a private jet to offer $20 million to Favre to NOT play!!!

No.  The general consensus among us Packer fans is that both Ted Thompson and Coach McCarthy are not only arrogant and obstinate, but that they are stupid!  And the directors and Mr. Murphy should be drawn and quartered for going to such lengths to support TT’s and McCarthy’s egos and bad decisions.

This is not a question of whether Rodgers is ready to play.  This is a question of whether the egos of the general manager and coach are more important than giving the team the chance to win football games.  If the Packers want the best chance of winning games this year, bring back Favre!!