Friends and Enemies……..

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is an old saying.  But, what can you do if your own President is acting as though he hates his own country — OUR country?

Yesterday, President Obama implicitly conceded any and all rights of the sovereign state of Arizona to pass laws its citizens want to the Mexican President! How?   Even though Mexico is very restrictive to foreigners, Obama agreed with Calderon that the Arizona law was BAD.  Even though almost all of our problems with illegal immigrants is with illegal Mexican immigrants,  Obama played politics and  pandered to that ethnic group because he wants their vote.  What is Obama thinking?  Doesn’t he understand who are our allies and who are not?  Apparently not because, a short while ago, Obama  snubed Netanyahu, our firm ally in Israel, and then, as a further insult, gave  a state dinner to a man whose country is causing us so many problems in welfare, crime, and loss of jobs for Americans!

How can Obama not understand Arizona’s problems with illegal aliens?  How can he not stand up for Arizona which is one of the states he swore an oath to protect?  Unfortunately, this is all too common for Obama.  But, even worse is that neither Obama, nor his attorney general (Holder) nor his Homeland Security Advisor (Napolitano) have read the ten pages of the bill!  How can they  claim the law is anti-constitutional?  It is sheer arrogance and abuse of power by our highest officials.  It is negligence of duty of the highest order.

And, today, America was insulted yet again by President Calderon when the Democrats in Congress stood and applauded the Mexican president who again said the Arizona law is BAD.   What kind of a congress do we have that they would choose to reward a foreign president who is insulting  one of our very own states?

If they like the Mexican president and  Mexico’s laws so much, why don’t THEY move there?  The rest of us are sick and tired of our own representatives representing foreign countries and foreign countries’ interests rather than our own.   President Obama and his minions are overly eager to please foreign governments while at the same time, they have disarmed not only our economy, but our space program and also our military.  They have reveled in dissing America even while on foreign soil.  They routinely criticize American law and laud foreign law.  They allow terrorists to be “mirandized” — a unique privilege that should be reserved for citizens of this wonderful country.  In short, Obama acts like an enemy of America.  Is he friend or foe?

Well, would a friend continually disdain everything American or have complete contempt  for the Constitution of the United States or react gleefully when foreigners insult us is ?  I think not.

So, if they aren’t our friends, are they actually our enemies?   I believe that their actions and public comments prove that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress and Obama’s appointees are NOT following the Constitution.  And, even if  the old saying about friends and enemies is true…………………. I don’t want them anywhere near me!

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