It’s a Republican storm….

But, the Democrats want to rain on the RNC’s parade!  They are afraid that, if Americans can actually hear Republicans, it will be bye-bye, Democrats!


Democrats are egging Occupy protestors to disrupt the RNC convention.

The DNC chairwoman travels to Tampa and then, refuses to let conservatives ask her questions.

President Obama and his media hooligans at MSNBC and ABC and CBS do their pseudo “fact-checking” and loudly proclaim that conservatives are lying.  As if they would recognize a lie, even if it hit them in the face!

Well, let the Democrats carry on their smear campaign.  The Republicans will continue to stand on the moral high ground.

So, despite hurricane Isaac and our concern for those in its path;  it’s happy days again for those of us who want fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C.

Let the Democrats whine because  we’re singing a happy song ….. Obama and his cronies are on the way out.

No more taxpayer funded stimulus for Obama’s buddies.  No more government seizing our individual liberties.  No more golf by the President while fellow Americans are desperate for employment.

Oh, yes, it’s a Republican storm moving in.  And, it’s a Perfect Storm!

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