Credible sources say that, once again, Iran is attempting to buy weaponry-–this time from China — to build a nuclear warhead! Why is that news to anyone! After all, how long has Iran been shopping around in the world trying to buy weapons’ technology? First, Russia helped them and now they look to China.

The weirdest aspect of this news is that some will still pretend to be surprised at it! Democrats will probably have a moment of epiphany and try to say that they didn’t know how bad Iran actually was!   History shows us, though, that they have been facilitating Iran’s noncompliance for years with the lingo that “Iran won’t deal with Bush”. Or, another gem was, “Once we are in control, Iran will toe the line!” Or some tried diversionary tactics, such as the comment of, “Bush is fighting the war in the wrong place. Afghanistan is the real point of conflict!” They gave Iran ready-made excuses for not complying with any civilized nation’s requests and it is the Democrats who will be responsible if Iran becomes a nuclear menace.

The irony is that, as a theocracy, Iran promotes itself as a very religious country. Yet, they are among the worst offenders of human rights. We are a democracy and yet we strive to promote human rights throughout the world. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been so eager to win the White House, that they forgot who was the “good guy” in the world! Now,the future remains in their hands. The question is: “Will the next administration be able to handle Iran?”

Well, here’s their big chance.  Today, Iran does not yet have nuclear weapon capabilities.  After the Democrats take control, will Iran have nuclear weapons “tomorrow”?