Obama Chutzpah!

Rather than giving Queen Elizabeth a momento of Americana, maybe a craft from the Appalachians or maybe a native American blanket, President Obama gave her an iPod!  And, to top it off, the Drudge is reporting that he had HIS OWN SPEECHES recorded on it.

My gosh!  It is embarrassing that our president would actually believe another head of state wants to listen to his political speeches.  But, it is indicative of the arrogance and deaf ear that the Democrats have for anything other than what they consider “their” agenda.

Of all the missteps by Obama in his choices of nominees, his comments about the mentally challenged, and even his challenging of Rush Limbaugh, this massive show of arrogance might seem insignificant.  But, such a misunderstanding of what the world is listening for (and it is NOT his speeches) is just another demonstration of his inexperience.

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