Do any Democrats pay taxes or play by the rules?

Or, is it only the American public who pays the taxes — and salaries of the administration’s tax cheats!!!

Where is the honest administration that Obama promised?  So far, he has surrounded himself with tax cheats (Geitherner and now this new example, Sebelius), perjurers (Biden), and liars (Secretary of State Clinton). How does he expect to get wise and honest counsel from people who have consistently not paid taxes that they owe or who have been corrupt in many endeavors?

I guess it really pays to be a Democrat now.  You don’t need to pay the taxes that are breaking the back of the American people.  And, there are no reprisals from the IRS for you either.

The only ones who need fear prosecution are Republicans like ex Senator Stevens whose conviction was overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct.  Even the judge in the case constantly reprimanded the prosecution who disregarded his admonitions and  continued on without following the rules of our legal system.  Of course, once Senator Stevens lost his senate seat, then the Attorney General jumped in and declared that there would be no trial and the conviction essentially is thrown out.  Wow.  Another gain for the Democrats at the expense of our legal system!

But, then, when you consider that our current President came from the Chicago political system and had no experience in anything except a free ride, who’s surprised?

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