Well, experience DOES matter………….


This Salon writer claims that President Obama’s advisors are not serving the new President well.  They are making him, and his actions, appear “oafish”.  President Obama has insulted Israel, the United Kingdom, and those who cherish freedom of speech (his lambasting of Rush Limbaugh).   Obama and his minions have passed mammoth legislation that is so full of pork that even the pigs are squealing!

However, the assumption of this article is that the problem lies with Obama’s advisors, not Obama.

Unfortunately, for Obama, he is the one who appointed all these pompous Lieberals.  If they are not serving him as they should, he can replace them.  The Salon article states that it is the inexperience of many, including the new Treasury Secretary, that are hindering progress on economic issues, etc.  No.  The reason that Washington is in such disarray is directly due to having a President who is so inexperienced that he can’t even speak without a teleprompter! Apparently, while Lieberals stoutly deny it, experience does matter!

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