Remember Obama’s famous 2008 quote?

If you don’t have any big issues, you attack your opponent!


And, that is exactly what the Libs are doing.  After all, they can’t praise any of Obama’s record.  Everything to do with Obama’s term of President is dismal:  the economy, the high unemployment, the mess in Benghazi, the Senate who can’t pass a budget, failing green companies that he supported, and on and on, ad nauseum.  So, the media is trying to deal with small issues and unwarranted attacks against Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan.   And, in the process, the liberal media is exposing their aversion to the truth:

Even among true “blue” Libs, it would be difficult to find a majority to agree with this zany Zak character’s opinion of the VP debate and of Ryan, specifically.

And, to credit VP Biden as any sort of elder statesman is just plain crazy.  Biden was a plagarist.  He lied about his Law School career.  He lied about when Obama knew about the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  He doesn’t understand the U.S. economy.  He is just a grin with a body behind it.  (Thank you, Clint).

Remember Obama’s famous 2008 quote?

Then, remember why Obama’s ads are always criticizing Romney and NEVER proposing anything of his own.

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