Senator Schurmer’s specious argument about the tax rebate!

Senator Schurmer is advocating that EVERYONE receive a tax rebate, whether they pay income taxes or not. His argument is that even those who do not pay income taxes, pay social security taxes (FICA) and thus, are also entitled to be part of those receiving a rebate.

However, those who only pay into social security will receive their “share” of that money when they retire and start drawing on social security. They do NOT deserve to receive a portion of the income tax WHICH THEY DO NOT PAY.

Secondly, if Senator Schurmer truly feels that even those who only pay social security taxes deserve some help, why doesn’t he present a bill that would obligate EVEN THE CONGRESS to use the same social security system as the rest of us? Then, at least our children might have a realistic chance of actually receiving social security when they retire.

New York seems to thrive on electing senators with long arms when handing out someone else’s hard earned money and alligator arms when it comes to their own.

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