The Truth Hurts

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama’s approval rating is only 6 — below that of President Bush at the same point of his administration!  Wow.  What has the media said about that? Absolutely nothing.

The media has a vested interest in perpetuating the theme that Obama is a messianic figure who arrived in the nick of time to save the world — i.e., a Superhero.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He never specifically articulated his policies during the campaign, but relied on the smoke and mirrors trick of euphemisms — “hope”, “change”, “new attitude in Washington.”  Of course, none of these goals can be challenged because they are so amorphous.  For example, how do you measure “change”?

The increasing dissatisfaction with the current administration’s direction is merely that the truth is finally appearing.  Obama had NO specific goals.  He had nothing, including experience, to guide him in this most powerful job on earth.  And, his inexperience cannot be hidden forever.  As events unfold and he continues to make missteps, the media tries to make excuses for him and his obnoxious Democratic leaders — but the Truth will out.  And, guess what?

The Truth hurts!

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