When the long knives are out for you………….

You know your opposition is afraid of you.

After last night’s debate, Governor DeSantis seems to be the one most feared by every other candidate and the Lie-berals and Democrats. That is why he is taking a lot of body blows from both sides of the aisle.

Complaints about his smile — seemed okay to me –his slow hand raise — good to be cautious about former President Trump……………….no matter what DeSantis did or said, it was wrong according to the “experts”. It pays to be wary of such experts, with their Leftist bias, who have a vested interest in destroying any candidate who would change the disastrous course our country is on.

So, even though we all know that the indictments of Trump are political and have little basis in legal jurisprudence, the media will ensure that Trump is unelectable. Biden’s DOJ is working hard at the same thing…..maybe in case the Media can’t bury Trump first. So, we have to work around the media and find a candidate who has very few negatives for his adversaries to use.

President Biden is a flawed President, and more than likely a criminal to boot, in so many ways. The only way to save our country from Biden and the Left and Lie-beral’s philosophical nonsense and their drive to curb our Constitutional rights is to get Biden out of office. We need a common sense President to deal with the economy, the border wall, and the world at large.

Long knives aside, the best candidate is still Governor DeSantis.

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