Your Lyin’ Eyes

Democrats have jumped on every possible pretext to scream that President Trump should be impeached. There is no need to list the debacles that befell the Dems when they insisted that the Russian collusion story would be the downfall of his Presidency. No need to list unless you have been listening to CBS, NBC, MSNBC or CNN. Their breathless exclamations regarding each and every potential disaster have been systematically reduced to the gibberish that the “news” was to begin with.

So, to even the playing field with the Truth, there was no collusion between Mr. Trump and his team with Russia. General Flynn caved to the onslaught against him, but he only do so after they threatened his family and Flynn had no resources left to fight with. They harried countless good men and women out of serving our country with half truths and innuendoes which the main media distributed ad nauseum. Forget that these were salacious lies that only fed the reporters’ egos and the networks’ desire for anything to titillate the public.

Gone is any sense that reporters’ true job is to report facts. Their mission should not be to color a story to fit their own opinions or own agenda. But, the idea of reporting being an honest profession is long gone. Nowadays, reporters are known for their political bias and their stories reflect that. They are unapologetic in their hatred of President Trump. And, because the media owns the “mouthpieces” , that is the airwaves, it is difficult to bring any rationality to today’s “news”.

So, when Rep Schiff proclaimed that he had proof positive of Mr. Trump colluding with Russia to win the election, few in the media asked him to prove it. When, after demanding that a transcript of the phone call between the Ukraine President and President Trump be released to the public — and, it was, Schumer says that the transcript is not as critical as what the whistle blower had to say. A whistleblower who, by his own admission, never heard the actual phone call. His complaints were based on “sources” at the White House! No media outlet asked Schumer why a non-participant’s opinion of a conversation that he did not hear was more critical than the actual transcript.

It is no surprise that many of us have turned off the news and tuned out of the constant barrage against President Trump. After all the lies, innuendoes, false stories, and obvious attempts to destroy Mr. Trump, we find that we are more and more inclined to believe the outspoken President than a bunch of nattering, back-stabbing reporters who, along with many Democrats, have no concern for the damage their fallacious stories are doing to our country.

It is inconceivable why our elected representatives are hell bent on destroying President Trump and, with him, our country. Their constant attacks give our enemies comfort because the enemies realize we are a divided people.

So, I say to the Democrats, “Stop this ridiculous attempt to satisfy your own egos with the impeachment of President Trump. Get busy on what we sent you to Washington to do. And, for God’s sake, close your mouths and listen to what the American people say they want!”

Else, your lyin’ eyes will destroy all that is good in America!

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