A Few Stories


Call him whatever you want, but he has every right to say that. I’m proud of him. About time someone says something that people won’t take as PC. It’s the same with the Rush Limbaugh incident with Donovan McNabb a few years ago. He said that the only reason people really like him, is because he’s a black QB. Hey, he was right, but since you can’t say that, he got fired. Same thing with this, people claim free speech, but when someone doesn’t agree with them, they get their panties in an uproar.


I think it’s about time we put those countries back in place. I just wish Bush would come out, like foreign leaders, and say, “Russia is bad for the world, and need to be taken care of.” Whoever you are, you cannot say that the US being the world power is a bad thing. If you disagree with individual decisions, that’s fine, but the overall picture and plan of the US is the best any other country could dream of.


Note how no attacks after 9-11? Can’t deny those facts. So basically, our war on terror is working, right? I don’t think Peace solved that. So long as Bush is in office, they will not attack, because they know he’ll throw the kitchen sink, and then some against them.

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