The Right of Free Speech

Legally, everyone is supposed to have the right of free speech, with a few obvious limitations, such as slander, etc.

However, this right does not exist today because we have a new, over-riding “law”. That law, promulgated by the politically correct police, is that we can say what we want to, so long as it is acceptable to everyone. Wow. What an unobtainable standard now exists.

Therefore, Indian mascots have to be discarded even though, for the most part, the Indian was perceived to be the ultimate warrior, capable of defeating any foe, and therefore, an excellent model of what every athlete wanted to be. An Indian mascot was our way of saying that we wanted to be as good as an Indian warrior. That was not an insult.

Religious symbols are no longer allowed, even if you only display it on your own desk top. And, cities which have long used a cross as their emblem now must remove these ancient forms of identification.

An NBA player is not allowed to admit that he is homophobic. As long as he does not act criminally against gays, why can’t he express himself?

Where do the strictures end? Who decides what is offensive and what is not? I myself find the “f” word so offensive that it makes me cringe to hear it thrown left and right, in every avenue. I dislike the sexual and violent nature of many commercials which air when children are watching tv, as during the Super Bowl. I resent being insulted for my political views. But, does that mean that others must stop doing those things because I am insulted? No. So, why would a man who admits to disliking gays be put under the media microscope and even prevented from attending a sporting event? Well, such stories help those making their living on scandals and bogus news stories.

Ultimately, whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Hardaway, he should have the right to speak freely. Otherwise, the next time someone disagrees with your viewpoint, the censor police might come knocking at my, or your, door!

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