A nut from the peanut farm

So, once again, Carter denunciated President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, yada yada yada. What else is new?

Former President Carter has always held the view that only he knows the gospel truth and, regardless of good manners, only he has the right to criticize everyone else.

Well, unfortunately for him, he will be remembered as little more than a peanut farmer who, through a quirk of fate, was elected President. His own legacy as president involves giving away the Panama Canal and failing to rescue our fellow Americans who were being held captive. It is no wonder that he wants to castigate others in the fleeting hope that his own failures will be obscured by the dust of history.

Carter is a mean-spirited, angry, and arrogant man who labels himself a Christian, but acts and talks like a hate monger! Fortunately, no one listens to him anymore…if they ever did. When you hear these vicious comments from Carter, remember the source. And, then, forget the comments and the man.

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