A Russian Rumbles…thanks to the Democrats

Putin, who heretofore has been labeled a “friend” of America, has just vehemently denounced our foreign policy. What would give this Russian, who leads a country with a struggling economy and little foreign clout, the audacity or the motive to vilify America? Russia needs our economic and technological aid desperately, but, still, Putin delivered a stinging message about America.

The answer is very simple. Why shouldn’t he insult us when even our own Democratic congressmen and women continually do so! Why shouldn’t he feel free to question our national integrity when the Democrats daily assail the character of our President?

Attacks by foreign leaders will be part of the legacy of the current Democratic party. In their zeal to have one of their own in the presidency, they are destroying the very reputation of their own president and thus destroying much of America’s influence in the world. Whatever goodwill could come from the United States’ generosity in fighting natural disasters or disease throughout the world is lost when the Democrats themselves critique every action this administration takes.

Their mud-slinging campaign has created many problems for our country in dealing with other nations. They claim to be partiotic Americans, but they do everything possible to destroy the faith and credibility of the American government!

The Democrats feel no shame. Their only “cause” is to elect a Democrat in 2008. To that end, nothing else matters. Putin, and other leaders, will continue to attempt to tear down our nation in order to build up their own influence.

Thanks to the Democrats, the only question will be whether Russian, or Chinese, or Korean greed trumps the greed of the Democratic party!

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