The media has been bashing Bush for his entire presidency. That media includes the tv commentators who read their pre-digested, pre-written script as though it came from Moses. That media includes most newspapers and most periodicals which are afraid to give any account of world events that does not coincide with the viewpoint of people like Mr. Soros. Surprised? If you are, then you should remember that most of the news media are liberals and have a vested interest in denouncing President Bush.

People like Chris Matthews, Lou Dobbs, the Hollywood crowd, and many Democrats routinely vilify President Bush. They have maligned his intelligence. They claim that he is a liar and a cheat, as well as a conspirator. No slur nor insult is too vile for them to hurl the direction of our President. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The Democrats are frantically searching for a means of ensuring that the next President comes from their ranks. In their desperation, they don’t care whom they tear down or whether their greed destroys an American ideal or America itself. THEY JUST WANT TO BE ELECTED.

The problem with such continual slurs is more than the fact that the insults are untrue. It is unworthy of any politician to deliberately misrepresent an opponent and try to make that opponent into “the” enemy. It is unAmerican for a party (in this case, the Democrats) to use character assassination merely to get elected.

So, now the “news” is the low poll ratings of President Bush. Surprised? If you have listened carefully to the news for the last few years, you shouldn’t be. The constant mudslinging by Democrats was bound to have some effect. President Bush is a good man, but you would never know it if the media have their way.

But, regardless of the effect on President Bush’s ratings, this ridiculous and flagrant name-calling by the Democrats must stop. Democrats should start acting like mature adults and discuss issues facing our country rather than simply obfuscating facts with insults. And, the public should tell the media that they had better report the news and not make it. Surprised? I hope not.

Maybe it’s time for partisan media and irresponsible politicians to be surprised.

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