Black and White in America….the 91%….

Racism is alive and well in America and, this time, it isn’t the whites who are the culprit.    Oh, no,THIS TIME,  it is the black community!

The Politically Correct crowd would deny such a thing could happen;  but, if you read this survey, that is the only conclusion possible.  Why else would the black community   give Barack Obama a 91% approval rating while the rest of the country is well below that approval?

Support among even young people is down: 57%. Hispanics: 55%. Moderates: 54%. Unmarrieds: 53%. Easterners: 52%. Women: 47%. Midwesterners and Westerners: 45%.

Men: 43%. Southerners: 41%. Independents: 40%. Marrieds: 39%. Seniors: 38%. Whites: 36%. Conservatives: 23%.

It is a blatant case of racism, except that no one will call it that because it is black people who are using race as a basis for judging someone. Blacks are simply supporting “one of their own”,  i.e., Obama . Maybe lieberals would like to call this racist approval rating something else, but it so “black and white”, that even they would have trouble  contradicting this conclusion.

It’s definitely black and white!

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