Catholics, fighting the new Goliath of Politics?


Catholics, most religions, and those with a conscience,  have always supported the Right to Life for EVERYONE !  Babies, the most helpless of all human Life, are especially vulnerable and, yet, are considered disposable by far too many people who themselves have already managed to escape abortion.

Now, President Obama and his Death Squad have determined that Catholic institutions must not only allow, but pay for, abortions.  It’s immaterial whether the Catholic institution or the company that insures the institution pays the bill.  Obama and his devilish minions would have us believe that the cost will NOT come back to the Catholic institution or any group that is granted the infamous “waiver”.  Well, that is the same mob who claim that abortion is not murder, but  the RIGHT to choose.

Of course, nobody has yet asked the baby whether it wants to live or not.  What about the baby’s rights?

I am so glad that the Catholic church has finally realized what Obama is up to.  Obama wants to be the Commander-in-Chief of us all!  He wants to decide who lives or dies.

Everyone, not only the Catholic church, must demand the Right to Life for everyone, especially our tiny, helpless babies.  And, even if President Obama appears like  Goliath with all his media  and self-serving buddies,  God is surely on our side.

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