Obama — the Chicago Holligan………

Chicago politics is almost universally considered to be the nastiest, roughest arena for any politician. President Obama is showing his Chicago roots in this campaign season.

Obama’s lies: Witness Obama’s continual accusations against Governor Romney and Romney’s time at Bain.

The fact is that the SEC, the Washington Post, and Fortune magazine have all said the charges are false. Romney actually was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, on the Olympics, and, through hard work, saved the Olympics.

Obama’s lie: Romney outsourced jobs while at Bain Capital.

Fact: Romney attempted to save businesses that were in dire straits.  These jobs would have been lost entirely if not for the intervention of venture capitalists, such as Governor Romney.  While Obama used OUR tax dollars to bail out Solyndra, and other companies, which failed,  Romney used private money, much of it his own, to save American businesses and jobs.   Obama used OUR tax dollars  AND, several of the environmental companies which received our tax dollars were run by Obama’s donors and friends.  To date, Obama has outsourced many, many jobs with stimulus dollars which just happen to be OUR tax dollars!

Obama’s lie: Romney is unqualified to be President.
Fact: Romney is far more experienced than Obama was when Obama ran for his first term. Romney has been a hugely successful businessman. Obama has not. Romney was a governor. Obama was not. Romney saved the Olympics from financial ruin. Obama….well, he ran some community organizations.

Obama’s lie: I will be the most transparent president ever and my administration will be the most honest.
Fact: Ha ha.
Has he forgotten his imposition of executive privilege for Fast and Furious?
Has he forgotten his promise that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%?
Has he forgotten that his Justice department has challenged numerous states on voter documentation in order to provide more votes for Obama?

Lie:  Romney is not a good person, and maybe is even a felon.

Fact:  Governor Romney donated his inheritance  to private charities and then went on to earn his own fortune.  Governor Romney donated his time to save the Olympics.  Governor Romney has tithed to his church throughout his life.

Obama?  Well, he says he is FOR the people.  Ummm hmmmmm.   His “love” of us surely explains his lavish vacations, his frequent golf outings, his wife and children’s trips to exotic places, his expensive “date” night in New York.  Our tax dollars have kept Obama and his family, and many of his friends/donors, living the good life while Americans struggle to find jobs and make ends meet.

Many have attempted to deny these charges and claim that Obama’s opposition are being racist.  However, the lies told by Obama are not based on his skin color.  The lies are part of his character and, as such, should be a warning to anyone who will listen.

The truth is that President Obama is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Chicago politics.  He might not be a Capone, but he IS a Blagoavich….and, maybe worse. No matter how the Democrats try to deflect the horrible job done by Obama, they are just spinning and lying about the facts.  And, President Obama is leading the pack……..he is definitely a Chicago Holligan.

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