After Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall, I’m confused about a few things.

1) First and foremost, the lieberals are trying to poo-poo it as a non-victory for the Republicans, going as far as saying that the cheering and gloating that Republicans are doing is stupid. Now wait, if they had won the recall would they not have done the same? When they proved they had enough signatures for a recall, they celebrated like the Packers had won the Super Bowl. It’s a classic two face that I find funny on one sense, and left shaking my head on another.

2) There’s a video of a Barrett supporter saying that, “This Is the End of Democracy”. Actually the exact opposite is true. This was is PROOF of Democracy in action. Whether or not you agree with Walker, he won fair and square by an election. This tells me that yes, there are people who disagree with Walker, but there’s also a greater majority of people who support his decisions and policies.

3) Finally, the one thing that I haven’t been able to grasp yet is the issues unions have with Walker. Yes, I can completely see that a union would be opposed because they want to be free and clear of some of the policies he’s pushing. I think they’re wrong, but I’m not arguing against that point. The one part I want to argue is the notion that teachers and public employees have to pay a minuscule amount towards their own pensions and insurance. I can’t help but draw parallels with Obama-care and how the lieberals would make me believe that I should pay more out of my paycheck for something that I do not believe in. They give me the typical bull-shit that it’s better for the populace and I should do it to help those in need. Great, then the teachers should put their tails between their legs and pay a little into their own pensions.

I’ve finally realized what this all means. Give me YOUR (private sectory) money, but I keep MINE (unions / public sector). I did a quick search of Wisconsin salaries for teachers. Yes, there are some low salaries on the list, but guess what, it’s not like I made 50k coming out of College either. The average sallary for an elementary school teacher is ~$51k. Now, that includes weekends off, Christmas break, Easter break, spring break and wait for it… 3 months off in the summer. Not to mention the awesome benefits, mega amount of vacation and sick time. I’d be a little incensed if they didn’t pay a little towards their pensions. I mean, I do… and I don’t rake in that much money… oh and I’m stuck in a suit during the summer… working 8-5.

But, enough griping about teachers… the moral of this rant is that yes…


-Mr. Knowledge

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