Democrats and the Sex “Trade”

Democrats would have us believe that the only group that has rights in America is the LGBT group. In the past, there were instances of prejudice against non-traditionally oriented people. And, although there were definitely people ostracized for their sexual orientation, generally, most of us did not feel the need to condemn nor justify these people. Live and let live was the norm.

However, today, the Lie-berals are demanding that everyone acknowledge gay rights and, further, that we promote and praise the concept. The NFL, MLB, and corporations are sponsoring Gay Pride events. Democrats bray about society’s “inability” to accept the “diversity” — by which they mean aberrant behaviour. And, somehow, the media has become the spokesman for them. You can no longer voice your opinion if it counters gay rights. You will be pilloried incessantly by the media… boards….and, maybe even your Lie-beral neighbors.

Almost worse, the incessant demands for “equal” rights (read MORE rights than the rest of us) have morphed into other traditional areas. Abortion used to be considered a last ditch effort. Now, it is considered a birth control method by Democrats. The proponents want us to forget that the baby is a living being that feels pain and NOT just a blob of tissue. And, if you’re opposed to abortion on religious grounds? Too bad.

Free speech used to be guaranteed by the Constitution. Now, some Democrats want to redo the Constitution in their own “likeness”. Democrats ignore that free speech is the basis of a vibrant country where every opinion and thought is valued and NOT a country where only their opinions matter. The Covid shutdown was the worst suppression of free speech our country has ever seen with scientists muzzled if they didn’t follow the “company” (Government/Fauci/Birx) line. Even yet, there are people trying to restrict our freedoms with masks and shut downs, despite there being incontrovertible evidence that the Covid virus is too small to be restrained by masks! The damage to our children is incalculable…slower reading skills….social skills lost…..math skills way behind.

The worst, though, is the movement by the Left to brainwash children into thinking they are not really born male or female. The Left would sacrifice our children to endless medical procedures, surgeries, and lifelong pain even though children are legally unable to make such decisions. They do NOT have the mental capacity to weigh such life altering procedures.

But, no matter. The Left continues to demand everyone adhere to their will. Children will be drugged and mutilated without parental consent. Parents are NOT allowed to even know what their children are being taught in schools nor if their children are being “transitioned” to another sex without parental knowledge or consent.

Once upon a time, most believed that the “sex trade” meant kidnapping people and selling them into sexual servitude. That remains ONE of the meanings.

Democrats, though, have given a new meaning to “sex trade”. They have demanded, protested, and lobbied in favor of every form of non-traditional activity. They profess to believe that a baby’s sex at birth is not a fact. They agree with treating children as guinea pigs for every new theory that the Lie-berals concoct, including sexual transitioning and brain washing. Drag shows in Kindergarten….drag queens in community parades….gay pride lights at the White House…what comes next? Will there be house to house searches to weed out those of us who oppose such inhumane procedures?

It’s scary to think that anyone would go along with this madness. But, the Democrats will do anything to win votes. They will sacrifice everything except their power thrones in our legislatures. Let’s not let them win this battle for the new “SEX TRADE” which is usurping our traditional values for aberrant behaviours that only the Lie-berals believe in.

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