The Democrat Party — the party of hate…..

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Democrats are masters at spewing hatred and divisive comments about Conservatives or people with Traditional values.

Even President Biden, who claimed he would unite Americans, still routinely lies and makes ridiculous charges against anyone who dares to disagree with him and his policies without any concern that it divides the country even more.  Winning is all that matters to him. 

Yes, Biden and his fellow Democrats are destroying our country with their ugly comments.  The latest instance of nasty rhetoric comes from that charmer, James Carville who said:

Carville: ‘Level of White Trashdom in the Republican Party Is Staggering

While James Carville is known for his over-the-top hate, this is evidence that Democrats feel free to say or do anything because there are no repercussions.  They know that the media will publish their vitriol no concern for its newsworthy value and, certainly without any opposing opinion. 

Carville, with his antagonistic attitude is truly part of the problem our society faces as we try to be the United States of America.  And, running right alongside him are the Democrats and the hate they project every day. It’s easy to see that the Democrat Party  is truly a party full of hate.

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